Taiwan: BIO Asia-Taiwan draws international attentions


Taiwan: BIO Asia-Taiwan draws international attentions

(Source: BioSpectrum 2019-07-26)

2019 BIO Asia-Taiwan Exhibition, the grandest event for Asia's biotechnology industry, ushered in its grand opening on the 1st and 4th floor of the bi-level exhibition hall, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center on July 25th. For the occasion, President Tsai Ing-wen and BIO President James C. Greenwood Kicked off the opening ceremony.

Maintaining the scale of previous years, the Exhibition attracts 20 countries to establish national pavilions in countries including the United States, Canada, Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Thailand, Austria, Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and more. The Exhibition includes over 20 themed zones, 60 listed companies, 100 multinational companies, 600 exhibitors, and 1700 booths, unquestionably unveiling a new chapter of Taiwan's biotechnology industry!

Taiwan's Industries of Biotechnology and Medicines & Medical Devices Are Witnessing A String of Success

The new pharmaceutical industry, which serves as the most promising part of the biotechnology industry in the eyes of investors, has secured remarkable achievements in the international arena, despite enormous challenges in their development. This year's exhibition will be dominated by "Pharmaceutical Development" and "Innovative Medical Materials". The exhibitors include TAIGEN, SYNCORE, PHARMAESSENTIA, GOLDEN BIOTECHNOLOGY, OBI PHARMA, PHARMACORE, FORESEE PHARMACEUTICALS, EIRGENIX, APPLIED BIOCODE FORMOSA LABORATORIES, KEYENCE, BIOTEGY, ZOETEK, BIONOVAX, SIGKNOW BIOMEDICAL, AULISA MEDICAL DEVICE, JHL BIOTECH, MAGUS BIOTECHNOLOGY, KAGRO BIOTECH and more. Theses exhibitors intend to share the major progress that is highly likely to be incorporated into international licensing negotiations or early acquisition of market authorization.

Precision Medicine and Genetic Testing Promising to Reshape Taiwan's Healthcare Landscape

The most eye-catching keywords of biotechnology in 2019 are undoubtedly cell therapy, immunotherapy, regenerative medicine, and precision medicine. With such an overwhelming therapeutic momentum, gene technology, high-end precision instruments, and preventive medicine supporting services, now and again, set off a wave of discussion.

At the Precision Medical and Genetic Testing Theme Pavilion that covers nearly 50 booths, the leaders biotechnological service field, such as QUARK BIOSCIENCES, KIM FOREST, BIONET CORP, COLD SPRING BIOTECH, GBC, MICAREO, ASIAGEN, ACT GENOMICS, READ GENE BIOTECH, are to release the latest trends in the field of preventive health risk analysis, and assist the public in understanding the information contained in their genes, thereby deriving the follow-up health management and risk tracking innovation services.

Smartcare Contributes to the Popularity of Interactively Contextual Application

TAIWAN MAIN ORTHOPAEDIC BIOTECHNOLOGY in the Innovation Cultivation Zone is to exhibit the world's first smart medical glasses, which immediately displays X-ray images in front of the doctors, so that doctors can make instant response, thereby avoiding frequent head turning to watch the monitoring screen and significantly reducing operation time by over 30%. Besides, the glass solution introduces digital medical treatment into the operating room and facilitates accuracy of surgery operation, turning out to be a key tool that leads to the great progress of surgery. In addition, NATIONAL DEFENSE MEDICAL CENTER will demonstrate its mass casualty incident handling simulation system that uses virtual reality to simulate the situations of mass casualty incidents and allow users to pose as a commander. Therefore, it can be widely used to train the professional on-the-scene commanders of mass casualty incidents. The Smart Healthcare, Cell Therapy and Regenerative Therapy Hall will provide visitors the opportunity to see the posture of TAIPEI MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, SHIN KONG MEMORIAL WU HO-SU HOSPITAL, CATHAY GENERAL HOSPITAL, VETERANS GENERAL HOSPITALS, FULLHOPE BIOMEDICAL, FULLHOPE BIOMEDICAL, LUKAS BIOMEDICAL, TAIWAN ADVANCE BIO-PHARMACEUTICAL, which are drawing together a blueprint for Taiwan's Biomedical Science.

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