EU: New law to boost EU-level cooperation on health tech assessments

(Source: RAPS 2018-10-16)

In a boost for health technology assessments (HTA), the European Parliament recently adopted a new law that allows for greater cooperation among EU member states.


Canada: MDSAP could force some manufacturers out

(Source: RAPS 2018-10-15)

With the approaching deadline for those in Canada to comply with the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP), Health Canada issued a notice to recognize that some device makers may be cancelling their licenses to avoid dealing with the new requirements.


R&D: Increased funding and research could help address unmet mental health needs

(Source: Pharmafile 2018-10-12)

Unmet needs relating to mental health could be met through increasing funding and research, according to data analytics firm GlobalData.

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