Foresee Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.


Foresee President

     Chairman: Dr. Ben Chien
     Founded Date: February 8, 2013
     Tel: +886-2-7750-0188 
     Address: 9F-2, No. 19-3, Sanchong Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan


Company Profile:

Founded in 2013, Foresee Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. was listed on the Taipei Exchange in 2016. Foresee's core competency includes rapid development and commercialization of new drugs using its proprietary drug delivery technology as well as development of first-in-class NCE in disease areas of highly unmet medical needs. The mission of company is to deliver Comfort, Compliance, Convenience and Care to better patients’ lives.

Foresee currently has three global patent protected new drugs (one new formulation, and two new chemical entities) under development, namely FP-001 (LHRH agonist for treatment of prostate cancer), FP-025 (MMP-12 inhibitor for treatment of asthma / chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and FP-045 (ALDH-2 activator for treatment of peripheral artery disease/ radiation dermatitis).
Foresee’s management team consists of seasoned pharmaceutical professionals with many years of industry experience in pharmaceutical R&D and management. It also aligns with contract service organizations for preclinical and clinical studies, manufacturing and regulatory services to rapidly advance the research and development of its pipeline products. At appropriate development stage, each product can be partnered with or licensed to a reputable company to accelerate development and commercialization.


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