Taiwan Bio Therapeutics Co., Ltd.


TaiwanBio COO Chen

     President: H.B.Chen
     Founded Date: July 5, 2014
     Tel: +886-2-5568-8497
     Address: 10F, Bldg Medical Science-Technology No. 201, Sec.2, ShiPai RD., Taipei City 112, Taiwan
     Website: https://www.taiwan-bio-thera.com/


Company Profile:

Owner of a patented cell expansion technique, Taiwan-Bio has been dedicated to the development of human mesenchymal stem cell products and the clinical application of such cell therapy products to the treatment of cardiovascular, orthopedic diseases, immune-mediated diseases and cancers.

So far, our first innovative MSCs therapeutic agent Biochymal® for lower limb ischemia has been close to the completion of a phase I/IIa trial approved by TFDA. Our second product Chondrochymal® is under approval by TFDA for a phase I/IIa trial for treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. Hopefully both products would proceed smoothly through the necessary clinical trials and become commercially available to all patients in need. In addition to substantiating our development of cell therapy product in other indications, we are also moving forward in the process of developing biological derivatives from manufacturing MSC for application in aesthetic medicine, and manufacturing of stem cell products or derivatives to the requested specifications for other potential business customers.


TaiwanBio pipeline