SynCore Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Chairman: Dr. Tim Lee
Date of Establishment: 2008/06                        杏國LOGO 2
Tel: 886-2-2760-3688
Fax: 886-2-2763-9287
Address: 4F., No.69, Dongxing Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan
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Company Brief Introduction:

SynCore Biotech Co. is a global, new drug developing biopharmaceutical company provide only evidence-based medicine. Established in 2008, SynCore was cofounded by Sinphar Group and National Health Research Institute (NHRI) Taiwan, focusing on creating values of new drug by R&D management and integration of technology resources. SynCore’s pipeline concentrates on oncology, ophthalmology, and dermatology fields, continuously dedicates in helping patients worldwide.

Company Business Advantages: 

(1) Clear positioning and marketing strategies: Primarily for aging caused problems, such as cancer and eye related diseases. All the products form a completely new drug development pipeline to lower the risk of focusing on a single product development.

(2) Specialized R&D team: with technology platform created and high-quality clinical trials management capabilities.

(3) Integrating the most advanced academic resources and forming strategic alliances with international companies, as well as with intellectual property and investment management to shorten drug development time, and to expand business to the global market.

Development and Vision: 

SynCore forms a completely new drug development pipeline with five products:

(1) SB01: injectable anti-cancer NCE, which is in-licensed from NHRI and currently in Phase II clinical trial.

(2) SB02: anti-cancer NCE through oral route, formulation for clinical trial is currently under development. SB02 was in-licensed from NHRI.

(3) SB03: also known as Veregen®, is an ointment for the topical treatment of external genital warts (EGW). Veregen® is the first botanical drug approved for prescription use in the US, approved by TFDA for marketing and launch in Oct, 2013. Veregen® is currently in cooperation with Medigene (Germany listed company)

(4) SB04: a conventional drug in new use of treating dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which was in-licensed from MacuCLEAR, US. SB04 is currently conducting Phase II/III clinical trial, which was approved by FDA and TFDA, in Taiwan.

(5) SB05: EndoTAG-1® serves as innovative treatment for pancreatic cancer (PC) and triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), which was in-licensed from Medigene. Currently in Phase III global trial for PC and Phase III regional trial in Taiwan for TNBC.

The pipeline covers the stages from preclinical to marketing of NUDrug® development of high but unmet medical needs. We are convinced the continuous R&D progress and abundant international collaboration will solid SynCore’s value to be seen.

New Drug in Development:

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