Sunny Pharmtech Inc.

Chairman: Dr. Yon-Lian Wu
Founded Date: 2005/02/03
Tel: 886-3-480-9168
Fax: 886-3-480-8028
Address: No.255,Longyuan 1st Rd, Longtan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan


About Our Company

Established in 2005, our company aims to develop new drugs which are under the protection of international property rights, and help improve quality of lives of patients. One of our projects, ASN-02, was targeted to improve the tolerability of chemotherapy and radiation treatment for the head and neck cancer patients, and also to decrease the side effects of the therapies. It helps to complete the course of treatment, reduce the metastasis and thus mortality, and increase the survival rate and quality of lives. ASN-02 has successfully completed an US-FDA reviewed Phase 2 clinical trial. This drug will be categorized as an Orphan Drug in the US market, therefore will benefit from the special protocols provided for Orphan Drug approval.

Starting in 2011, our company has entered the oral generic drug product development arena. In 2014, we built a superior R&D team and added injectable and active pharmaceutical ingredients to our plate, at the same time we changed our company name to Sunny Pharmtech. Through the integration of the team, research and development facilities, technology platform and R&D results, we harness our strengths and work hard to become an internationally competitive pharmaceutical company. Engaging in active pharmaceutical ingredients, process development, capacity building, scaling up production, and completing ANDA application, we thrive to build a global marketing and distribution channel to commercialize our research results and to build a full intergrated pharmceutical company.