TaiRx, Inc.

President: Du-Shieng Chien, Ph.D.新 台睿logo 中文 20190921Founded Date: 2011/08/22
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Company Profile:

TaiRx, Inc., founded in 2011, is a new biotechnology company, focusing on the development of novel drug products in treating severe diseases such as cancer and sepsis. TaiRx, Inc., is led by an experienced development team with expertise in medical/clinical, biology, pharmacology, CMC, pharmacokinetics, toxicology/safety, and regulatory affairs, etc.

The current new drugs under development include TRX-818, TRX-306, and TRX-606. TRX-818, has dual effects on cancer cell growth inhibition and malignant tumor cell metastasis prevention. In addition, TRX-818 is a new generation oral anti-cancer drug with better patient compliance, compared to traditional injection type of chemotherapeutic drugs. It showed high potent in anti-cancer cytotoxicity and various animal xenograft models. TRX-818 is effective via unique anti-vasculogenic mimicry (VM) mechanism, suppressing the formation of vasculogenic-like tubular structure in aggressive cancer cells;

TRX-306 and TRX-606 are in the class of 505(b)2 products and developed for the adjunctive therapy for sepsis and oral anti-cancer therapeutic. All products in the TaiRx pipeline are expected to enter the clinical phase by early 2015.

New Drug In Development:

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Mechanism of Action

Current Phase


Cancer/ Metastatic malignant tumor

Multi-targeted mechanism of action of promoting cancer cell apoptosis, inhibiting cancer cell proliferation, and preventing malignant tumor cell metastasis

IND (US/Taiwan)



Attenuate inflammation response

IND (Taiwan)



Inhibition of cancer cell proliferation