Center Laboratories, Inc.

President: Mr. Rong-Jin Lin
Founded In: 1959/11/04
Tel: 886-2-2655-8680
Fax: 886-2-2655-8380
Address: 7F., No.3-2, YuanQu St., Nangang Dist., 115, Taiwan


Company Profile:

With the spirit of life-caring and selfless dedication, the people at CENTER always create greatness out of the ordinary – from the ordinary to the pursuit of excellence; to the protection of human health and welfare. We are committed to the development of innovative medications and the improvement of a patients’ quality of life.

Status Quo

CENTER was established in 1959, specializing in manufacturing oral liquid drugs. Through advanced technology platform integration, professional prescription research and prescription design analysis, CENTER strive to become the most professional oral liquid pharmaceutical company, the leader in pediatric liquid medication.

In 2008, CENTER expands to psychological & neurological field and completed restructure into the biotech industry bank. In addition, we are committed in the developments of CNS drugs and speciai drug portfolio, as well as, brand development, patient care and disease development and product licensing. We merged BioEngine Venture Capital Inc, to ensure the breeding and investing in the field of biotechnology. 

To elevate cross-strait cooperation, CENTER incorporated on investment in China, Univision pharmaceutical Co., LTD; completing cross-striate CNS special drug portfolio, establishing communication of clinical regularity and trade distribution, and accelerating market authorization and development, thus, we are creating the overall effectiveness of drug products of Center Laboratory Inc. in both Taiwan and China. We aim to become a cross-strait brand image of the best pharmaceutical in CNS field and the best partner in cross-striate marketing for global/foreign pharmaceutical companies. We strengthen the development of new drugs in China by reinvesting in Suzhou TOT Biopharm Company .


CENTER intends to be "the most professional oral liquid biotechnology pharmaceutical in Asia"and "Asia leader in CNS drug ". From this base to integrating various recourses of R&D, clinical, regulatory, production and marketing, thus strengthening development of personalized/region-specific drug products, leading CENTER not only as the leader in oral liquid medication and CNS drugs, but also as the expert in differentiated/personalized drugs. With the root of oral liquid medicine and CNS drug in Asia, geared to international convention by differentiated / personalized product, and through capital integration techniques, talents, as well as industry management experience, strategic investment in biotechnology industry, we successfully brought a number of innovative biotechnology companies which will soon be listed on TSE via OTC counselling and we will gradually achieve the long-term goals of the「industrial Bank of biotech and cradle of biotech industry」

Development Pipeline:




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Long-acting injection

Pilot PK


Cluster headaches

Small molecule compounds

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