Directors and Supervisors

Board of Directors


Dr. Hong-Jen Chang, Chairman
YFY Biotech Management Company, Chairman and CEO

Mr. Peter Tsai, Standing Director
Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd., Chairman

Mr. Rong-Jin Lin, Standing Director
Center Laboratories, Inc., Chairman

Mr. S. C. Ho, Director
Taiwan Global BioFund, Chairman

Dr. Lawrence L. Gan, Director
Foresee Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., President & CEO


Ms. Amy Huang, Director
OBI Pharma, Inc., President

Mr. George Yeh, Direcotr
Taiwan Liposome Company Ltd., President

Dr. Calvin Chen, Director
Twi Pharmaceuticals, Inc., President

Dr. Muh-Hwan Su, Alternate Director
SynCore Biotechnology Co., Ltd., President

Dr. Stanley Chang, Alternate Director
Medigen Biotechnology Corp., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

王雅俊 泰宗

    Dr. Ya-Chun Wang, Alternate Director
    TCM Biotech International Corp., President

Carl Firth, Alternate Director
ASLAN Pharmaceuticals., Chief Executive Officer

Board of Supervisors

Dr. Du-Shieng Chien, Standing Supervisor
TaiRx, Inc., Chairman

Dr. Karen Wen, Supervisor
Mycenax Biotech Inc, Taiwan, General Manager

Mr. Calvin Tsai, Supervisor
Orient PHARMA Co., Ltd., CEO


Ms. Carol Cheng, Chief Operating Officer
Taiwan Research-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

Ms. Vian Yeh, Project Manager
Taiwan Research-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association