Chairman S. C. Ho

Born in Tainan City, Taiwan. Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the National Cheng Kung University. Obtained an MS degree in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin in the USA.

Mr Ho Show-Chung, Chairman of the SinoPac Holdings, is the first term President of the TRPMA, which consists of 25 member companies.   

Mr Ho expressed that after a decade of preparation, the industry has built up its capacity of new drug R&D.  The TRPMA’s top priority is to promote cross-strait cooperation in healthcare and to be involved in the Cross-Strait Cooperation Agreement.

Mr Ho also suggested that the DOH should work out a formula for pricing new drugs developed in Taiwan.  “The formula will reflect the government’s support for the bio-pharmaceutical industry in Taiwan,” said Mr Ho.  The TRPMA is co-founded by major local pharmaceutical manufacturers, including TTY, OEP, Sinphar and Synmosa, with joint effort from key bio-pharmaceutical developers, including TaiGen, PharmaEngine, TLC and OBI, as well as support from YFY Biotech Investment Co.

Build a Green Passage across the Strait

The TRPMA’s missions are to create a platform for the bio-pharmaceutical industry, to support the NHI and pharmaceutical affairs, to promote the development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry and cross-strait cooperation, and to become the industry’s point of contact to facilitate global R&D cooperation projects. 

Mr Ho, the President of the TRPMA, pointed out that the TRPMA is established mainly to support the negotiation of cross-strait health agreement, for example, to promote the cooperation between the TFDA and the SFDA.

Mr Ho said: “The Conference on Cross-strait Cooperation held in December 2012 indicates a new era of cross-strait cooperation.  In order to compete with Chinese manufacturers, manufacturers in Taiwan have to collaborate on research projects by pooling funds, technology and human resources together.”

Mr Ho also suggested that the government should fully support new drug R&D activities in Taiwan and establish an NHI drug pricing formula especially for new drugs choosing Taiwan as the first market for their global product launch.  The NHI system in Taiwan is known for its low price policy.  “Such price level is not possible to sustain the new drug industry in Taiwan.  The government should reflect its support for the new drug industry in its NHI new drug pricing policy,” said Mr Ho.